TOPIC Youssef El Sebai
On the importance of post-1967 alternative cinematic adventures in Egypt
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat looks back at the constellation of three alternative film practices that emerged in the
Propaganda of shattered dreams: Remembering the films of July 23
Rowan El Shimi | This year I asked myself, do these films have much to offer besides their political message?
Lotus Notes: Part Two C
Nida Ghouse | Soon after the Permanent Bureau of the Afro-Asian Writers Association in Cairo folded, a poet from Pakistan
Where is Palestine in Egypt?
Lina Attalah and Shady Zalat | Between anti-Hamas media coverage and invisible public solidarity, where is Palestine in Egypt today?
Lotus Notes: Part Two B
Nida Ghouse | “There is no god but God!” gave way to more passionate and perverse political refrains: “No more
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Land of Hypocrisy’
Amany Ali Shawky | Fateen Abdel Wahab’s comedic approach does not strip Youssef El Sebai’s novel from its crafty denunciation.
Ahmed Mourad and the literary insult to intelligence
Sherif Azer | Dear Ahmed Mourad, I experienced steadily rising fury from the first page of your novel, “1919,”
Lotus Notes: Part Two A
Nida Ghouse | The second time I met Michael C. Vazquez was the first time I heard that Lotus, the Journal of Afro-Asian
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Last Night
Amany Ali Shawky | A girl wakes up one day to find herself 15 years older, living with her sister's husband
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