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Zawya 2.0: Between resilience and compromise
Yasmine Zohdi | This could've been it: a very feasible ending for Zawya. But it's not. It's a new beginning
On the importance of post-1967 alternative cinematic adventures in Egypt
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat looks back at the constellation of three alternative film practices that emerged in the
Crash course in Egyptian cinema: Cinematology episode 1
Mada Masr is creating English subtitles for Cinematology episodes and republishing them every other Wednesday,
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Destiny
Rowan El Shimi | “Ideas have wings. No one can stop them from reaching people.”
3 films that anticipated the January 25 revolution
Rowan El Shimi | Looking back at some films that reflected the dissent that was building in the country is revealing.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Beggars and Noblemen
Andeel | In this adaptation of a novel by laziness laureate Albert Cossery, fear of the atomic bomb is a nihilistic
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Struggle in the Valley
Amany Ali Shawky | An intensely weird film about foreign-influenced feudalism versus socialism
Artists pay tribute to Faten Hamama
Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, nicknamed the “Lady of Arab Cinema,” died on Saturday at the age of
A dialogue with my friend who’s a Waheed Hamed atheist
Andeel | The scarcity of talented writers and the small size of the industry sometimes gives people a bigger status
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