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On Saleh’s death and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen
Afrah Nasser and Laura Bird | A conversation with Yemeni journalist Afrah Nasser
The perilous journey of an Al-Qaeda spokesperson
About his imprisonment in Egypt, he said, “If you enter prison half jihadi, you leave 1000 percent
Dispatch from Yemen: Saada, city of death and displacement
SAADA – Under the sound of warplanes and anti-aircraft guns returning fire, thousands hold their
A dispatch from Sanaa: Yemen’s ill-being, Saudi’s well-being; but what about Egypt?
SANAA – Ambiguity continues to shroud the extent of Egypt’s involvement in the Saudi-led coalition’s
Yemenis stranded in Egypt yearn for return to war-torn country
Jano Charbel | Estimated to number nearly 10,000, the Yemeni community in Egypt remains divided over the political upheaval
From desert storm to decisive storm
Omar Said | As soon as Egypt announced that its naval and air forces would join the Saudi-led Operation Decisive
Many challenges facing proposed joint Arab military force
Heba Afify | The Arab League Summit held in Sharm El-Sheikh came to an end on Sunday with an undeveloped proposal
Why is Egypt participating in Operation Decisive Storm?
Mostafa Mohie | Egypt’s participation in the military Operation Decisive Storm against the Houthis in Yemen,
Two films on Yemen in 2011 offer much to relate to
Rowan El Shimi | This week Scottish-Yemeni filmmaker Sara Ishaq presented two films back-to-back at Zawya: Oscar-nominated
Hannah Porter
Yemen’s ongoing conflict reveals a deeply divided Gulf
Now Qatar has been ostracized by Gulf states, it is at liberty to criticize the war in Yemen
Sisi calls for UN strategy against extremism
Elections countdown: 33 days
Egypt reportedly deploys ground troops to Yemen
Egypt extends military operations in Yemen by 6 months
Saudi declares end of Operation Decisive Storm, but military action in Yemen continues
Yemen dominates opening talks at Arab League Summit
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Cartoon: Gulfie love
Andeel | Sergent: "And keep it in your minds lads, the Gulf gives us money because the Gulf loves us. Now jump."