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Blog: The “court”
Lina Attalah | At 9 am, activists, lawyers and families start coming to the Heliopolis courthouse for the first
Yara Sallam: A prisoner of passion and human rights
Hanan Elbadawi | Many speak professionally of Yara Sallam, 28, as a skilled lawyer and distinguished researcher, but some
Yara Sallam
Jan 25, 5 years on: On the revolution that I missed
Every year, on January 25, I have the same thoughts. I don’t have any memories to share. Every
Moataz El Fegiery
Escalating reprisals against human rights defenders
Prominent young activists are in jail, stigmatization of human rights defenders has increased and further
Timothy E. Kaldas
The Protest Law: Fear, not order
The protest law passed by Hazem al-Beblawi’s government last year has proven to be as draconian and
Court upholds pardoned activist Yara Sallam’s right to vote
Update: Activists Yara Sallam, Sanaa Seif released from prison
Update: Ettehadiya defendants’ fate uncertain amid conflicting reports
Appeals court reduces sentence against Ettehadiya detainees to 2 years in prison
Appeal verdict for Ettehadiya defendants to be announced December 28
Lawyer: Prison sentence for 23 activists is political
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