TOPIC workers strikes
Public transport workers: Dissidents across different regimes
Haitham Gabr | Public transport workers have struggled to have their demands heard by consecutive governments.
Petitions support Alexandria shipyard workers standing military trial
“Egypt is a state, not a military barracks,” Member of Parliament Haitham al-Hariry says.
A year of cracks in the love apparatus
Lina Attalah | In 2014, this was Andeel’s reflection on the state of the people in the wake of the military’s grip
AUC to striking workers: Accept severance offer or we’ll call security
AUC cleaners strike against nonrenewal of contracts
17 striking workers acquitted as court demands right to strike be included in civil service law
Mahalla textile workers temporarily call off strike, 5 strike leaders face disciplinary hearings
IFFCO workers launch boycott campaign to protest sackings, arrests and sit-in dispersal
Military trial of Alexandria Shipyard workers adjourned again
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