TOPIC worker strikes
Hundreds stage sit-in at Workers Cultural Foundation, call on Sisi to intervene amid trade union federation mismanagement
"Workers are hungry, and the administration couldn't care less about them”
Labor Day 2017: Cooperation under another name
Jano Charbel | Sisi asked for workers' cooperation in Labor Day address, despite acute conditions
Public transport workers: Dissidents across different regimes
Haitham Gabr | Public transport workers have struggled to have their demands heard by consecutive governments.
Petitions support Alexandria shipyard workers standing military trial
“Egypt is a state, not a military barracks,” Member of Parliament Haitham al-Hariry says.
A year of cracks in the love apparatus
Lina Attalah | In 2014, this was Andeel’s reflection on the state of the people in the wake of the military’s grip
Labor unrest from north to south
Jano Charbel | Thousands of workers across the country are protesting against what they call unfair employment
Workers protest civil service law in one of biggest street actions since 2013
Jano Charbel | Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets on Monday in protest against the civil service
Update: Mahalla textile workers suspend strike pending response from company administration
Thousands of workers at Mahalla spinning company escalate strike, bosses refuse to consider demands until they resume work
16,000 workers on strike at Mahalla Textile Company
Engineer dies after sustaining injuries at Aswan Cement plant, bringing death toll to 3
Update: AUC workers end strike after administration files report
AUC cleaners strike against nonrenewal of contracts
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