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TOPIC women in work
Video | The butcher
Menam Sami | In this video, we meet Mona Qassem, a butcher who inherited her father’s shop in 10th of Ramadan
Would you hire a female plumber?
Maddison Sawle | Um Bassem, a plumber in Cairo, has challenged the rules about women working in male-dominated fields
When a woman not a man wakes people up for Sohour
Leena ElDeeb | Each day of Ramadan Dalal Abdel Qader roams her neighborhood's streets, waking people up for Sohour
Working women and policy assessment – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Mona Ezzat | How to measure women's economic empowerment, an important factor in assessing polices and programs?
Untold stories of sexual harassment in Egypt’s newsrooms
Mai Shams El-Din | Such stories are typical among Egyptian female journalists, but are often spoken about within closed