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On Warraq Island, popular democracy defies secret state plans
Heba Afify | The state’s strategy regarding Warraq has seen several stages: violence, negotiation, and legal persecution
Photos and video: Warraq residents clash with security forces over demolition
Look through photos and watch a video of the clashes between Warraq residents and security forces
Battle over the Nile
Heba Afify | Residents face relocation as Warraq targeted in ongoing campaign to reclaim "illegally" occupied land
Shooting turns a wedding into a funeral
Dalia Rabie | In her hospital bed, Houwaida Refaat calls out for her 12-year-old daughter Mariam, who she still doesn’t
A presidential phone call and an official’s visit later, Warraq residents continue to reject relocation
Sisi attempts to reassure Warraq island residents
Hundreds of Dahab Island residents protest in solidarity with Warraq
Police arrested 10 Warraq Island residents, demolished 30 buildings on Sunday
Egypt restricts Nile cargo traffic after fatal crash
Death toll from Warraq boat accident rises to at least 35
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