TOPIC war on terrorism strategy
Faced with displacement, unfilled promises, relentless clashes, Bir al-Abd villages live in the unknown
An official statement never materialized from the North Sinai Governorate nor the military spox.
Counterterrorism in Sisi’s 1st term: Progress despite clinging to tradition
Omar Said | How have Egypt’s counterinsurgency efforts played out during Sisi’s first term in office?
‘Operation Sinai 2018’: What we know so far
Egypt’s Armed Forces announced the launch of a major military operation in Sinai on Friday
Armed Forces orders emergency medical measures in Sinai as military presence intensifies
Leave for hospital and security directorate personnel is cancelled and all hospitals are on standby
Interior Ministry reshuffle: Is the state acknowledging its security failure in Wahat?
Omar Said | The Interior Ministry carries out a reshuffle of senior posts in the wake of the Wahat Road attack
Rafah: The city of blood and desertion
Mourad Higazy | An August of heightened bloodshed in the fight between the military and militants in Rafah
14 days of a storm in July: Recounting what happened in Arish
Mourad Higazy | Arish residents speak of their confusion and fear during an intense security crackdown and loss of communication
Egypt and Arab nations cut ties with Qatar, but what’s next?
Asmahan Soliman and Omar Said | The next step will likely be within the framework of the Security Council
What is the significance of large-scale terrorist operations returning to Sinai?
Omar Said | Armed militants ambushed Abu Zakdan in four-wheel drives, shot live ammunition at soldiers.
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Khaled Mansour
When aid workers serve the powerful
Seventeen years ago this week, I survived a terrorist attack that killed 22 people and injured many.
Sherif Azer
Egypt’s Coptic Christians: Between the hammer of an authoritarian regime and the anvil of terrorism
Attacks on Egypt’s Copts will continue to take place until the real causes are addressed
Jenna Le Bras
France and Egypt: Allies of convenience
Does this relationship have any benefits besides contributing to the legitimation of a repressive power?
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Military spokesperson announces outcomes of 1st month of Operation Sinai 2018
Sisi forms the National Council to Confront Terrorism and Extremism
Sisi commends National Security Agency on anniversary of Mubarak-era state security breach
Cabinet bans motorbikes in areas of central and north Sinai for a year
New restrictive measures to enter Sinai
Authorities execute Adel Habara, security forces on high alert in northern Sinai
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President is busy
Andeel | Assistant: ... "Yeah and one more thing sir, there is a great nation with 7000 years of civilization and stuff outside and they want to meet you, sir." Sisi: "Not now -- tell them I'm fighting terrorism or something."
No likes?
Andeel | Sisi issues a new law to fight terrorism on the internet. Sisi: Still, no likes?
Cartoon: Looping again and forever
Andeel | Sisi: “C'mon boys, let's avenge our brothers who they killed when they were avenging their brothers who we killed when we were avenging our brothers who they killed when they were avenging their brothers who we killed when we were ...”