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North Sinai’s ATM war
“They won’t push you out, but they are daring you to stay.”
Gendered Labor and Structural Violence: The case of women farmworkers in Tunisia
Ola Galal | The deaths sparked a national outcry in a country often thought of as a pioneer in women’s rights.
Parliament passes new legislation regulating senior government officials’ pensions
Rana Mamdouh | Some pensions are reduced, while those of ACA employees are to be decreed by the president
Labor unrest from north to south
Jano Charbel | Thousands of workers across the country are protesting against what they call unfair employment
Sisi meets Egypt’s economic hurdles
Isabel Esterman | The official results of Egypt’s presidential election were announced on Tuesday, confirming Abdel Fattah
Ministers’ objections prompt government to propose amendments to salaries law
Ministers and governors to receive maximum legal salary
5,000 workers on strike at food company in Beheira
Dozens injured in attempted dispersal of police sit-in
EgyptAir pilots withdraw resignations after Sisi asks them to ‘think about the country’
President Mansour grants state employees monthly bonuses
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