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Video | Angry seas in al-Mex
Nada Gamal | Residents in Alexandria's historical al-Mex were handed eviction notices last month
Video | Hindi
Reham Ghareeb | While working in Alexandria’s Odeon Cinema, Hadi started dancing to Hindi music for the audiences.
Video | From Planet Kaio: The Synaptik
Ahmed El Sabbagh and Mai Elwakil | His debut album featured collaborations with El Rass, Bu Kolthoum, Abyusif, El Far3i and Mehrak.
Video | The sensory photographer
Nada Gamal | Hussein al-Orabi is a visually impaired student who is training to be a photographer.
Video | Beyond the factory: Kiln of discovery
Nour Pleutin | This is the story of Abdel Sattar's workplace, a pottery workshop in the village of Tunis, Fayoum.
Video | My school, my refuge
Ariane Lavrilleux and Martin Roux | Abdi resumed his basic education at the age of 18 in a private school established by refugees
Video | Rizk
Mostafa Abdel Raouf | Mohamed Rizk was infected with poliovirus as a child, losing his ability to walk at an early age.
Video | Beyond the factory: The zincographer
Haisam Hassan | Mohamed Belya works as a zincographer in the Cairo neighborhood of al-Gamaliyya.
Video | Big Brother: Should we reconcile with the Ikhwan?
Andeel | This is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Andeel’s satirical series, Big Brother.
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