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Video | Nothing at all
Ahmed Rahal | When the heaviness of Cairo gets unbearable, Ahmed escapes to the Sinai, where there's 'wala Haga'
Subtle intimacies: On Gypsum Gallery’s “Codes of Coupling”
Mariam Elnozahy | The works on display expose the intimate nature of everyday spaces we mindlessly occupy.
Impatient nostalgia: The far-reaching and the familiar in Basim Magdy’s Gypsum show
Ash Moniz | In this show with his artist father, Basim Magdy looks at the world as if it is already history.
Intimate, visceral and unsettling: Walid Elsawi at Medrar
Mai Elwakil | Home-production, "horror stories of human interaction" and wordplay: Walid Elsawi's VDU Art
Reflections on walls: On Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s latest project
Sara Elkamel | On the implications sound travel may have on privacy, surveillance and human rights violations
Paper, transport and bureaucracy in Egypt: An interview with artist Ash Moniz
Sama Waly | Ash Moniz on his Townhouse solo show “In the Anticipation of a Future Need to Know”
A letter about a nostalgic art tour: A screening and three exhibitions in Cairo
Andeel | You were probably expecting this in a different format, but we’re living in a different time now
Maeve Brennan’s The Drift and messing up mainstream media stories
Mia Jankowicz | An unfathomable place in perpetual need of explaining from the outside
Fattuta and the assassination of Sadat: Conversations with Sherif El Azma on the history of video art in Egypt
Ahmed Shawky | On the link between early 1980s TV and the emergence of video art
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