Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Ismail Hosny
Kamila Metwaly | The first of a series of in-depth interviews with musicians, with embedded music.
Masafat Cairo: Within striking distance of larger musical aspirations?
Habiba Effat | On aiming beyond musicians’ exposure and learning from the choices of our predecessors.
Zuli’s Bionic Ahmed: A review and Q&A
Rami Abadir | In January, Zuli (Ahmed al-Ghazoly) released his EP Bionic Ahmed under the UIQ label recently launched
Stara highlights tense gap between state, commercial and alternative arts
Rowan El Shimi | When Stara was set to launch at Emad Eddin Street’s Naguib al-Rihany Theater, it caught newspaper headlines
Everybody’s a producer in Cairo
Habiba Effat | It wasn’t always this way: 15 years ago, the alternative music scene was dominated by guitar-based
Intelligent techno finds a low-key home in Heliopolis
Maha ElNabawi | Around 30 bodies lie on cushions quietly chit-chatting in a dark room. A projection of morphing geometric
Future Shorts makes a successful comeback in Cairo
Mai Elwakil | Downtown Cairo suffered an hour-long blackout on Sunday night. But this did not prevent the Future
Bigger, bolder, brighter
Maha ElNabawi | Six graffiti artists are sitting at a café on Bostan Street in downtown Cairo just after sunset. It’s
When the claims are just too big: ‘Taxi’ on stage
Naira Antoun | Something about projecting the cab driver as a doorway into Egyptian society makes me uncomfortable.
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