New NGO law criticized as mere cosmetic change
Rana Mamdouh | In a statement, 10 rights groups rejected the new law. Others viewed it as a qualified victory.
While human rights linger on US radar, Pompeo Cairo visit focuses on regional cooperation
Asmahan Soliman | Pompeo and Shoukry both stressed the importance of Egypt’s strategic relationship with the US
Amending the NGO law: Why did Sisi choose to revise it now and will the changes be meaningful?
Rana Mamdouh | President Sisi orders amendments to be made to a contested NGO law that has already been passed
Why did the US decision to delay or cancel almost US$300 million in aid to Egypt catch Cairo by surprise?
Mostafa Mohie | There is ambiguity over whether or not US military aid will be held and what will condition its release
What do US politicians really think of Sisi?
Pesha Magid | Local newspapers on Sunday were full of news that US politicians had finally seen the light and showered
Khaled Mansour
When aid workers serve the powerful
Seventeen years ago this week, I survived a terrorist attack that killed 22 people and injured many.
Amr Kotb
Changes in US aid to Egypt: Inconsistency, blind austerity and fluctuations in political will
Public praise, private criticism and coincidental feasibility?
Josh Stacher
June 30, 3 years on: Who drives US-Egypt diplomacy?
How has US policy toward Egypt changed in recent years?
US State Department report condemns Egypt’s human rights violations, Egypt rejects it
US and Egypt to resume joint military training operation after 8 years
In DC, Egypt’s FM tries to walk back Sisi’s professed support for Assad’s army
US senator who called Morsi overthrow a ‘coup’ praises Sisi
Kerry talks counterterrorism with Egypt’s foreign minister
US Congress aims to further weaken Egypt aid restrictions
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