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TOPIC urban planning
Asmarat: The state’s model housing for former ‘slum’ residents
Mostafa Mohie | The housing project doesn't feel like home to residents relocated from self-built housing areas
Development ‘alternatives’ raise fear of forced relocation from Maspero Triangle
Mostafa Mohie and Waad Ahmed | Maspero Triangle residents fear state plans to develop the area will force them to “self-relocate”
We walk a route from which there is no return
Sara Fakhry Ismail | The power of muscle memory: Walking as a ritual of resistance
The recurring crises of torrential rains: Who is responsible and how do we deal with it?
Mostafa Mohie | Continued flood damage raises concerns over preventative measures in place and post-crisis management
New housing project in Alexandria impresses residents, but estranges them too
Heba Afify | On the recently built Bashayer al-Kheir (Good Omens) project, which President Sisi inaugurated last week.
Finding bureaucracy a new home
Passant Rabie | Thousands of people flow in and out of downtown Cairo’s Mugamma al-Tahrir building daily, but a government
Architecture firm unveils glossy vision for contested Maspero Triangle
Pesha Magid | "On the banks of the river Nile, the future of Maspero burns bright.”
Creative Cities: Can downtown accommodate the many visions for its future?
Lara El Gibaly | Can the multiple visions for downtown Cairo coalesce to create more accessible, multifunctional public
Downtown lost or reclaimed?
Heba Afify | Downtown is not just another Cairo neighborhood. A hub for social, cultural and political activity for
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Rana Khazbak
In Egypt, there is no local government
Egypt is considered one of the most centralized countries in the world, ranking 114 out of 158 countries
Sarah Sabry
Informal settlements: Swept under the carpet?
On the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Egypt in 1992, leaving hundreds of families
Amro Ali
A frightening vision: On plans to rebuild the Alexandria Lighthouse
It's no easy feat to restore the seventh wonder of the ancient world, but then along came modern-day
Chinese company signs US$20 bn agreement to build new administrative capital
Sisi sets two-year deadline for phase 1 of new capital
Talks between Egypt and Alabbar for new administrative capital hit a snag