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Downtown lost or reclaimed?
Heba Afify | Downtown is not just another Cairo neighborhood. A hub for social, cultural and political activity for
The changing face of downtown
Passant Rabie | Am Adel sits outside the large red building that occupies the corners of Adly, Emad Eddin and Abdel Khalek
The donkey cart journal
Yahia Shawkat | This conversation with Am Salah elucidates how carts are actually the smart vehicle of the city.
Downtown as laboratory: Q&A on Cairo’s Creative Cities conference
Passant Rabie | Both government and private sector plans for historical downtown Cairo came to a pause with
The Maspero Triangle: Necessary demolition or forced eviction?
Mostafa Mohie | Residents of the Maspero Triangle could not imagine the impact the attack on the Italian Consulate on
My city, whose responsibility?
Dina Hussein | In Azhar Park on June 15, Christine Auclair, coordinator of the World Urban Campaign, invited a group
Parking Heliopolis for development
Dina Hussein | An automated screen in front of the Khulafa al-Rashedeen mosque in Cairo’s Heliopolis neighborhood
Egypt’s new capital: A city for investments or for alleviating overpopulation?
Mostafa Mohie | After Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb announced plans to build The Capital Cairo at Egypt’s economic
Q&A with Dan Ringelstein of SOM, the urban designers behind The Capital Cairo project
Amira Salah-Ahmed | As soon as the plan to develop a new city called The Capital Cairo was announced at the economic conference
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Kareem Ibrahim
Urbanization, informal areas and the new Cabinet
Since the mid-1990s, the Egyptian government has adopted neoliberal economic policies, reflected in real
Yahia Shawkat
The disaster is still with us 22 years later
Last Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of the October 12 earthquake that hit central Egypt, destroying
Yahia Shawkat
How rent could solve the housing problem
In a previous article I pointed out four main challenges for the housing minister in providing adequate