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Trimming Turkey’s wings: Ankara and Cairo fight for influence in Africa and East Med
Turkey has emerged as the primary antagonist in areas where Egypt has been trying to make its mark
Could the Turkish lira crisis hit Egypt?
Waad Ahmed | Will emerging markets, including Egypt's, be hit by a contagion?
Apolitical nostalgia in a world of featureless concrete
Amir-Hussein Radjy | Class voyeurism can be a valuable thing in literature, but not when it fails to be anything more than
Leonidas Karakatsanis
SYRIZA and the Greek Left
“A historic moment!” These were the first words uttered by many at 7 pm on January 25, when the first
Dominic Mealy
Talking about a revolution
They gather at dusk — in squares, in parks, on slithers of cement sandwiched between roads bustling
Militant cell linked to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt accused of plotting attack in Khartoum
China, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are world’s worst jailers of journalists in 2019, according to CPJ
Brotherhood members in Turkey express fear, anger with leadership and Turkish government over Egyptian’s denial of entry
Turkish group hacks MENA website, publishes image of Brotherhood leader sentenced to death
Foreign Ministry slams Erdogan’s anti-Sisi remarks
Egypt submits complaint to Turkish Foreign Ministry
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