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Gendered Labor and Structural Violence: The case of women farmworkers in Tunisia
Ola Galal | The deaths sparked a national outcry in a country often thought of as a pioneer in women’s rights.
Voters in Tunisia shun traditional leaders as political outsiders advance to runoff
Two political outsiders advanced to the final round in Tunisia’s presidential elections.
Failed father figures and nuanced storytelling: Bezness as Usual
Lara El Gibaly | “Bezness,” the Arabization of the word “business,” took on a specific meaning in 1970s Tunisia.
A music-filled Tunisian film perfectly fits this doubtful moment
Laura Bird and Maha ElNabawi | Through a fictional Arabic alt-rock band, Khyam Allami has created a soundtrack that’s as nuanced,
The Italian: Some insights, but homophobia and misogyny galore
Ismail Fayed | When it is not maligning women and LGBT characters, The Italian is insightful on the contemporary history
Impressed by a novel about compromised idealism in Tunisia
Sherif Abdel Samad | Shukri Mabkhout’s first novel starts with a bizarre tomb scene in which the main character beats to
A uniting union
Jano Charbel | Behind Tunisia’s ongoing presidential elections, with a run-off already scheduled for December 28,
What do the Tunisian elections tell us?
Omar Said | Since the start of the Arab uprisings over three years ago, regional onlookers have often turned to Tunisia
Tunisians gear up for first parliamentary elections since revolution
Jano Charbel | Over 5.2 million eligible Tunisian voters are being mobilized for the country’s historic parliamentary
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Fouad Halbouni
Are the Arab revolutions dead yet?
In his writings dedicated to the Arab revolutions, French philosopher Alain Badiou has maintained
Celebrated Tunisian activist Lina Ben Mhenni, who documented revolution and fought for freedoms, dies after long illness
Authorities detain, deport Tunisian writer at Cairo Airport
Tunisian president says there will be no intervention in Egyptian affairs
Update: 2 Egyptians reportedly killed at Libya-Tunisia border