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Tips from the leisure desk: 5 top budget trips
Tanya El Kashef | Trips to shake up a stagnant mind and routine that won’t interfere with paying rent
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 ways to get an adrenaline rush in Egypt
Tanya El Kashef | Egypt has plenty to offer in terms of adrenaline rushing, heart-racing, blood pumping activities
Not going straight to college: An atypical year
Jaida El Shimi | Instead of going straight to university, 19-year-old Jaida El Shimi spent a year working and travelling.
There’s no room at this hotel if you’re a woman
Heba Afify | Women in Egypt must convince not only their families but hotel managers of their right to travel without
Quick budget getaways: 36 hours in Luxor
Rowan El Shimi | Quick getaways keep me sane and able to deal with the crazy city I live in.
Practice review: a year of producing, surviving and learning
It’s been another year of fighting many woes at Mada. The obvious one aside – namely an unprecedented
A culinary postcard: My big fat Greek vacation
Amany Ali Shawky | In Athens, we stayed in the downtown area close to Kotzia Square. It’s walking distance from the local
Around Egypt in a single track
Dalia Rabie | Galal Zekri-Chatila is taking Sophia on a tour around Egypt. Their adventure covers a distance of 7,000
A stay at the Winter Palace in Luxor
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For a local getaway, you may want to consider Luxor. It’s getting hotter, and spring may just be the
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