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In loving memory of Dalia Suleiman: Cultural worker, friend and cat lover
“So much of what the culture scene is today was built through the efforts of people like her.”
Hijacking the contemporary
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed reflects on Egyptian artist Imane Ibrahim’s first solo show at Townhouse
Townhouse dips into the archive on its 20th anniversary: But where are the stories?
Sara Elkamel | Sara ElKamel speaks with Townhouse's Mariam al-Nozahy about the gallery’s 20-year retrospective
Can we converse with buildings?
Mai Elwakil | A review of Malak Yacout’s Dialogue with 10 Nabrawy
Defying disappearance: The return of Townhouse
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah speaks to Townhouse director William Wells about the gallery's restoration and future
Paper, transport and bureaucracy in Egypt: An interview with artist Ash Moniz
Sama Waly | Ash Moniz on his Townhouse solo show “In the Anticipation of a Future Need to Know”
I like collecting ugly things: On Amgad Naguib’s Townhouse show
Ifdal Elsaket | A show about the magnitude of what gets left out and the futility of capturing the past's messiness.
10 Nabrawy Street, in danger again, points to web of interests behind demolitions
Rowan El Shimi | Why are so many owners of historic buildings in Egypt eager to let their buildings fall? Rowan El Shimi
Against helplessness in the arts
Mia Jankowicz | As soon as we give in to the idea that we are nothing but private citizens we’ve given up 99 percent
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Committee issues final decision: Townhouse building to be restored
Eyewitnesses: Destruction of parts of Townhouse building underway
Update: Townhouse building demolition postponed
Townhouse gallery’s downtown HQ partially collapses
Update: Staff back to work at Townhouse, awaiting further instructions from municipality
Townhouse says closure is due to state admin failures, not politics
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