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Egypt adopts raft of measures to combat coronavirus spread
The government increased internet bundle quotas by 20 percent to "encourage people to stay at home."
After the tourists: Dreamaway’s stark collage of a desolate Sharm El-Sheikh
Omar Elkafrawy | Marouan Omara and Johanna Domke's doc offers strong commentary on desperate youth in an arid market
Daily COVID-19 roundup: July 19
Though tourists have been arriving since July 1, the Chamber of Tourism has said it's not enough.
Daily COVID-19 roundup: June 15
Officials detailed the plan to restart international flights and tourism starting July 1
Tough times by the sea | A portrait of Fayed’s local tourism economy
Mostafa Darwish | Workers and summergoers at Fayed resort discuss the impact of Egypt's economic issues on the season
Lionel Messi arrives in Egypt for medical tourism campaign
Argentinian football star Lionel Messi arrived in Cairo Tuesday for a medical tourism campaign
There’s no room at this hotel if you’re a woman
Heba Afify | Women in Egypt must convince not only their families but hotel managers of their right to travel without
Egypt’s battered tourist industry anxiously awaits EgyptAir crash investigation results
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s travel industry is watching anxiously as experts and officials air competing explanations for
What’s in an island?
Heba Afify | Tiran and Sanafir transfer to Saudi is of little concern to their actual neighbors
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Alaa Mustafa
Terrorism reported: Looking back at the 1997 Luxor massacre
How has the Egyptian state historically reported and responded to terrorist attacks?  On November
Isabel Esterman
Before talking tourism, Egypt needs to put its house in order
The sight of the great pyramids of Giza looming suddenly above the urban chaos of the Haram district
Peter Schwartzstein
The West’s crush on Egypt
On returning to England for a brief break last September, I was struck by many people’s exaggerated
High level of E. coli, staphylococcus bacteria found in hotel where British tourists died
Pilot and travel agency officials ordered to be detained after death of tourist in Luxor hot air balloon crash
Czech Ambassador: Egyptian authorities delay Hurghada attack results for fear of dissuading tourists
Egyptian authorities refer defendant in Hurghada attack to mental institution: Lawyer
Czech Republic requests to be informed of conclusions of Hurghada attack probe
Israel closes Taba crossing, Islamic State fires rocket at settlement
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Cartoon: Be our guest
Andeel | Tourism billboard: Be our guest (writing in red) Give us 5 pounds.