TOPIC torture
How a former Egyptian prisoner is trying to take an ex-prime minister to court in the U.S.
Both the governments of Egypt and the United States have intervened to have the case dismissed
Thinking with Alaa
Khaled Fahmy | "When I demand my right to read and write, I am not asking for a luxury."
Activist Esraa Abd El Fattah reports torture in detention, faces smear campaign amid new arrests and disappearances
She was told that she would face further torture if she spoke about the abuse.
Egyptian media outlets provide contradictory information about Afroto’s death
Salma Hindy | Egyptian media outlets have offered a number of explanations for what may have caused Afroto's death
Death by torture in Moqattam Police Station: The final two hours of Afroto
Basma Mostafa | Mada Masr speaks to friends, family and cellmates to piece together what happened to Afroto
Italy accuses 10 of killing Regeni, removes 16 officials from list of suspects
Asmahan Soliman | Italian investigators may shortly request opening of investigations into 10 suspects
One year on from the last station: A timeline of the Giulio Regeni case
Mada Masr has compiled a timeline that charts the events that followed from Regeni’s last station
Disappeared, detained and tortured for no reason: Islam Khalil recounts his story
Heba Afify | A few weeks after being released from prison, Islam Khalil looks back at his detention conditions.
Giulio Regeni: From a small village to a world cause
Lina Attalah | “We know how he was killed, but now we need to know why,” Giulio's mother Paola says.
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Alaa Abd El Fattah
A personal introduction to viciousness in enmity
The story is not about prisoners’ health, but the health of the nation.
Hassan Elmasry
Why is Egypt attacking human rights groups?
Egypt’s human rights movement has a long and patriotic history
Scott Long
On not being there
Human rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis
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Pompeo expresses ‘outrage’ over prisoner death, rights groups call for Red Cross oversight
Handicrafts, ostriches and football: Journalists, public figures taken on stage-managed tour of Tora Prison Complex
Public Prosecution inspection team finds conditions in Tora ‘adequate’ despite widespread prisoner accounts of abuse, medical negligence
Report: Nearly 500 people sentenced to death in Egypt in 2018
Imprisoned trans woman Malak al-Kashif sexually assaulted, subjected to forced anal examination in state hospital
Execution of 9 men in case mired by torture allegations sparks international concern
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Andeel | Hearse driver: "I'll go have a coffee, call me when you're done. "
Cartoon: Say the word
Andeel | Police officer: "Listen — if at any moment you feel that your human rights are being violated, let me know." 
Cartoon: Happy new Khaled Saeed Eid
Andeel | #Islam al-Sayid is new Khaled Saeed in Alexandria Khaled Saeed: "So what happened after I died?" Islam al-Sayid: "Gas prices went up a little."