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A state-approved play distills Islam’s history to its most regrettable parts
Rose Elbay | How does a government-approved play called Mohamed feel about the slaughter of “infidels”?
Observations on the Cairo International Festival for “Contemporary and Experimental” Theater
Natik Awayez | On the artistic responsibilities of presenting an arts festival, & moving away from modernism
Shady al-Daly’s new play pokes fun at happiness gurus
Amany Ali Shawky | The Magical Recipe for Happiness asks its audience to stop listening to those who think they know better
Zig Zig: Bridging an unbridgeable distance to rape in 1919?
Naira Antoun | When British soldiers came into villagers’ houses in Nazlat al-Shobak in 1919, according to village
Q&A on why Theater is a Must in Alexandria
Rowan El Shimi | Rowan El Shimi investigates why Alexandria's political theater forum might be coming to an end.
In conversation: On 2B Continued and performing arts in Egypt
Hanaa Safwat and Rowan El Shimi | How long do we coddle for? When do we decide that the audience is ready to see something a little less
In photos: Fish, harassment, a strict hotel at 2B Continued festival
Rowan El Shimi | The theater is a stressful place during rehearsals, and stress levels increase as opening night draws
Young theater troupe Masl portray Egypt’s parking mafia in four cities
Rowan El Shimi | Four young men walk down the Manial Corniche in navy-blue overalls on a Monday afternoon. Young couples
Art attacks! The extraterrestrial experience of The Gifted Painter
Jonathan Guyer | What is the role of the artist in Egyptian society? This provocation has many answers, and has led me
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Tips from the culture desk: June 7-13 in Cairo, Port Said
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Actor Youssef Ismail to direct newly opened National Theater