TOPIC thanaweya amma exams
Coronavirus shuttered high schools — but the exam tutoring business is still booming
Nada Arafat | On the eve of their final Arabic language exam, thirteen students in their third and final year of thanaweya
Daily COVID-19 roundup: June 21
Information Minister Osama Heikal is self-isolating after he showed “mild” symptoms of COVID-19.
The long road to thanaweya amma exams in North Sinai
A return of violence prompts tightened security and new hurdles for North Sinai students
Hunting for a major
Mai Shams El-Din | A list of faculties on the rise, with a glimpse into their programs and the ways in which they may serve
Students slam officials for ‘burying their heads in the sand’ over exam crisis
Mai Shams El-Din | As dozens of high school students protested outside the Education Ministry and Cabinet headquarters on
The thanaweya amma exams conundrum
Dalia Rabie | As it grapples with security issues and economic crises, Egypt faces another annual obstacle: how to
New law imposes prison sentences for leaking exams
Mai Shams El-Din | Leaking exam papers or leaking with the intent of cheating may now mean prison terms or fines for Egypt’s
What’s new in public schools this academic year?
Heba Afify | The Ministry of Education and other officials made several new decrees over the summer in an attempt
The ‘zero student’: The tale of an inconsistent state
Heba Afify | For Egyptian students and their families, thanaweya amma, Egypt’s high school examination system,
Students across Egypt protest postponement of thanaweya amma exams
Students announce protest over postponing of thanaweya amma exams
Teacher referred to interrogation for demanding educational reform
14 arrested for leaking Thanaweya Amma exams, PM vows to prosecute offenders
Prime Minister freezes new grading policy after widespread protests
High school students protest new grading policy
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Zero tolerance
Andeel | Education: "I repeat, we have a zero tolerance policy toward leaking our beautiful exams."
Cartoon: High-school student inventions
Tawfik | Caption: #Ahighschoolstudentinvents... Father: "Enough with all these inventions son, do your homework!"