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Ashraf Hakim | "There is no mistake. Ramy Radwan will present the show instead of you today and going forward."
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A season of morality and police uniforms
Mohamed al-Aswany | How the Egyptian drama industry lost its hard-earned artistic and economic gains in Ramadan 2018
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Arab media: Fall in line or switch off
Most top Arab television presenters and journalists are remarkably candid these days about their survival
Vodafone Egypt suspends all ads in response to government censorship of TV commercial
Presenter Azza Hennawy after referral to trial: Now only space for hypocrites at Maspero
State TV anchor suspended for anti-Sisi comments, again
Bassem Youssef to return to airwaves from the US
Court reverses decision to ban MP Tawfiq Okasha from media
State TV anchor suspended for criticizing Sisi
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