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Sources: Vodafone move to exit Egyptian market driven by state telecom operator
Alaa Moussa | “How can I work while my competitor is my partner and knows every detail about me, large and small?”
Pandemic pushes work at home — and it’s not that great, new remote workers say
“If you don’t see facial expressions, you don’t understand how people are thinking”
Study: Blocked access to websites, ad redirects and cryptocurrency mining in Egypt traced to Sandvine’s PacketLogic devices
Mohamed Hamama | Study implicates US company in malicious activity
24 hours later: What we know about the blocking of Mada Masr’s website
Mohamed Hamama | Where and how we're blocked, whether it could be legal, what the context is, and more
Infinite eyes in the network: Government escalates attack on secure communication
There is a history of the state breaching private security, but something new may be coming
Signal unstable: Alternatives to the encrypted messaging application
Mohamed Hamama | After interruptions in Signal's service, here are messaging applications that allow users to securely
Update: Lawsuit demanding answers about blocks on internet calls postponed for 2nd time
Shahd Essam | The temporary outage of internet-based calling services like WhatsApp and Viber caused a social media
Are Egypt’s consumers benefiting from lower internet prices?
Shahd Essam | As Egypt’s government issues new internet price guidelines for telecommunications companies, will the
Overview of Egypt’s telecom sector: Between fierce competition and angry customers
Amira Salah-Ahmed | The brutally competitive worlds of advertising and Egypt’s telecom sector have collided — in Ramadan,
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Germany cancels cyber training with Egyptian security, fearing rights abuses
UAE transfers internet surveillance system bought from French company to Egypt: Télérama
Block extends to four new websites, bringing total to 73
5 websites offering VPN services added to list of blocked sites in Egypt
Update: Number of websites blocked in Egypt reaches 54
Representatives of blocked websites announce intent to pursue legal measures
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