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Some people prefer working in the shadows
Osman El Sharnoubi | The state approaches the issue as a strictly binary one leading to a simplified view of the economy
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Mohamed Sultan | Mohamed Sultan looks at who is making the most significant contributions to tax revenues
Egypt’s widening wealth gap
Osama Diab | From the global Occupy movement to Egyptian revolutionaries’ calls for “bread, freedom and social
Report: Tax havens cost Egypt’s treasury billions
Isabel Esterman | Egypt loses as much as LE5 billion a year in tax revenue due to companies using tax havens to shield
Economy in a week: Tax talks
Sherif Zaazaa | This week sees the World Bank’s Spring Meeting on tax talks, a conference on how to boost Egypt’s
The ABCs of VAT
Isabel Esterman | Since the 1990s, Egypt’s government, international financial institutions such as the International
Taxing pains
Noha Moustafa | While Egyptians are preoccupied with frequent power cuts, biting fuel shortages and a boiling political
Income tax changes reduce tax burden for most without increased taxes on the rich
Investment council lifts taxes, offers free land to attract investors
Egypt enacts income tax cuts, formally suspends capital gains tax
Prosecutor: Egypt recovers LE13 billion in tax evasion cases
Market twists and turns on capital gains tax news
Government caps income taxes at 22.5 percent
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