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Tamarod after the rebellion
Heba Afify | Mohamed Raay has seen Tamarod go from popular campaign to political movement and is now the general
Rebellion on the rocks
Mai Shams El-Din | One year ago, Ahmed Abdou met with 15 young men in the Kefaya opposition movement’s headquarters. They
A question of generations?
Naira Antoun | “This is the first step along the road,” a smiling young man sings in the video for “Inzil wa sharek”
Stuck between two revolutions
Naira Antoun | In early June, when I was writing an article about Tamarod (or “Rebel,” a grassroots initiative that
The past return
Leyla Doss | The dim-light, broken furniture and cracks on the walls at the headquarters of the United Nasserist Party
And where do the workers stand?
Jano Charbel | Since the events of June 30, divisive fault lines have emerged within the country’s trade unions and
Transition redux
Omar Halawa | While the stock market reacted positively to the issuing of the July 8 Constitutional Declaration, and
Down with military rule … again?
Hesham Sallam | Millions of Egyptians are continuing to take to the streets. They are calling on President Mohamed Morsi
The view from the palace’s window
Mohamad Salama Adam | From the presidential palace’s window, the view ahead of the planned June 30 protests is different.
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Hypocrisy abounds
One sad truth about politics in Egypt today — and there are many — is the extraordinary abundance
Sharif S Elmusa
Rebels beware of the bears that hug your generals
The young people of Egypt led the January 25 revolution, and the army inherited it first, then the army
Tamer Waguih
June 30: The birth of a new historical pact?
What is the greatest danger to the revolution? It is not true that it is the regime, or even the counterrevolution
Court rejects Tamarod’s appeal to form political party
Tamarod: End of old campaign, beginning of new one with demands for Sisi
Tamarod takes first steps to establish political party
Mubarak opposition figures come to fore in Sisi campaign
Reactions to Sisi’s resignation and presidential ambitions
Update: US State Dept ‘shocked’ by Minya death sentences
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