TOPIC Tahrir Square
Mugamma revisited: Reimagining the building and the square
CLUSTER | We propose a range of activities: a library, affordable housing, a hotel, government headquarters.
In Other Words | Prizes for Heroes by Ahmed Awny
Ahmed Awny | I was afraid of the nostalgia I might feel as I walked into Tahrir Square.
A beginner’s guide to downtown’s alternative art scene
Rowan El Shimi | Downtown Cairo has long had a strong relationship with the arts. It boasts the capital’s largest cluster
What will things look like after revolution and return?
Jenifer Evans | Jenifer Evans on a fascinating discussion at London's Tate Modern about Decolonizing Architecture Art
Out of gas
Ali Abdel Mohsen | The cab that took me to downtown Cairo on Saturday had a torso-sized Egyptian flag rising from the middle
The changing face of Tahrir
Passant Rabie | Walking into Tahrir Square during the 18 days of the January 25 revolution in 2011, you could hear a
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
What Standing Rock can tell Tahrir
Maybe the Standing Rock victory is the pattern of the world: Moments of beauty that cannot last
Mia Jankowicz
A lick of paint
You probably noticed that Qasr al-Nil Bridge has been repainted in green and lavish gold. Just
Tom Rollins
Protesting public space
Mission accomplished, as far as the authorities are concerned. Rabea al-Adaweya is gone. When the presidency
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Scattered protests emerge in cities across Egypt Friday night
4 dead as police take control on Jan 25 anniversary
Sadat metro re-opens for the second time
Protests against Mubarak acquittal fail to reach Tahrir
Update: Second protest by Tahrir shut down by police
Update: April 6 cancels march amid heightened security downtown
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