TOPIC Syrian refugees
A remote displacement camp in the Syrian desert, now more isolated than ever
Madeline Edwards | “We feel as if every road has been shut in our faces.”
Idlib, a refuge no more: Stories of Syria’s displaced
Tom Rollins | "These days, I’m left thinking, if there’s a military campaign … where would we go?”
Video | Bearing a mountain
Ariane Lavrilleux and Martin Roux | Three female refugees from Sudan Syria and Yemen talk about their lives and achievements in Cairo
The Syrian Kitchen: A refugee food business based on quality not empathy
Pesha Magid | From the start, the vision behind Zeit Zatoun — a Syrian kitchen where seven refugee women work —
Poem: This World Can’t Home.
Jehan Bseiso | This World Can’t Home. Part 1 The Interview   What did you tell them?     I told
The socio-economics of diaspora
Tom Rollins | The majority of Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR in Egypt are now classed as “severely vulnerable,”
Education interrupted
Tom Rollins | Syrians in Egypt “live like any Egyptian citizen” with access to housing, healthcare and education,
TV presenter under fire for disrespecting Syrian refugees
Pesha Magid | An Egyptian broadcaster drew widespread criticism on social media after posting a video of herself calling
The difficult transition
Tom Rollins | Egypt, historically an important transit country in Mediterranean migration, demonstrates how the routes
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Tom Rollins
Refuge and the myth of the liberal welcome
It is a welcome with caveats: asylum comes with a time limit, rights with conditions
Khaled Mansour
World leaders hold humanitarian summit, but is there hope?
From May 23 to 24 the World Humanitarian Summit was held in Istanbul. Thousands of government officials,
William Hague
Spectre of Srebrenica hangs over besieged Homs
In Homs, Syria’s third-largest city, a population is being starved and bombed into surrender. It is
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FestBeat: Storytelling vs. the state at Panorama (day 5)
11 dead as boat carrying undocumented migrants capsizes in Balteem
Sawiris in negotiations over Greek islands to host refugees
Rights groups condemn Egypt’s ongoing detention of refugees
Syrian refugees begin hunger strike protesting detention
Private Egyptian plane carrying Syrian refugees held in Sweden
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