TOPIC student disciplinary measures
Carrots and sticks: How students were made into poster children for the constitutional amendments referendum
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira | How youth were mobilized as a visible force supporting the referendum on constitutional amendments
Exclusion, intimidation and suppression at Egypt’s 2018 student union elections
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira | At almost all universities, students were barred from union elections to "protect public interest"
Discipline to what end: Egypt’s failing schools and a new Education Ministry initiative
Mai Shams El-Din | Will the Education Ministry's focus on student behavior resolve the issues?
Student unions face major challenges ahead of new semester
Mai Shams El-Din | Mai Shams El-Din on the mountain of problems accumulated since the 2013 overthrow of Morsi, from annulled
Student union elections: Is politics dying in Egypt’s universities?
Mai Shams El-Din | Student union elections are due to start this week, but when the acting student union president at Al-Azhar
Campus oppression portends grim future for Egypt’s youth
Mai Shams El-Din | The past academic year has been a nightmare for Egypt’s university students, who have paid
Campus divided
Since the start of the academic year, university campuses have become the new battleground between the
Motaz Atalla
When life gives you Falcons (part 1)
There is much to be said about the current security crisis in Egyptian universities. There is, first,
GUC students to appeal expulsion for protesting death of fellow student
883 university students suspended, expelled in last 2 years, says rights group
Cairo University reinstates 52 suspended students
Fact-finding committee releases debatable numbers on suspended students
40 students expelled from Police Academy for MB affiliations
Students kicked out of state universities can’t enroll in private schools, rules council
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