TOPIC student arrests
Video | On the arrest campaign targeting members of Egypt’s Uyghur community
Mostafa Darwish | Dozens of members of Egypt's Uyghur community arrested as part of a plan to deport them to China
Uyghur students arrested in Egypt to be deported after request by China, say colleagues
Osman El Sharnoubi | At least 100 Uyghur students have been arrested and are expected to be deported
June 30, 3 years on: State efforts to depoliticize universities falter
Mai Shams El-Din and Pesha Magid | June 30, 3 years on: A series of infographs that detail how the state's efforts to depoliticize universities
Student unions face major challenges ahead of new semester
Mai Shams El-Din | Mai Shams El-Din on the mountain of problems accumulated since the 2013 overthrow of Morsi, from annulled
New law imposes prison sentences for leaking exams
Mai Shams El-Din | Leaking exam papers or leaking with the intent of cheating may now mean prison terms or fines for Egypt’s
Campus oppression portends grim future for Egypt’s youth
Mai Shams El-Din | The past academic year has been a nightmare for Egypt’s university students, who have paid
Fear of 4 fingers
Ashraf Khalil | A 15-year-old high school student has been arrested and is being held in administrative detention, accused
Inside the campus
Mai Shams El-Din | As waves of student protests rise to a new level of violence, dozens of students have been arrested in
2 Alexandria students detained for conducting public survey on controversial seaside barriers
Forcibly disappeared student is released after more than 100 days detention: Lawyer
1,181 students detained, 21 killed, 65 referred to military trials in 3 years: AFTE
Court acquits 5 Azhar students and 14 others sentenced to 3 years
Member of satirical troupe released, 4 others to be detained for 15 days
19-year-old actor arrested from home for online videos
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