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Will the Attaba fire pave the way for a central Cairo facelift?
Heba Farouk Mahfouz | As survivors of a major fire in downtown Cairo last week take toll of the dramatic few days they lived
The unknown fate of the NDP building site
Passant Rabie | Following a day of violent clashes with security forces on January 28, 2011 — otherwise dubbed as the
Pressure builds as downtown Cairo street vendors relocated, once again
Mohamed Hamama | In the early hours of Sunday, police and military personnel began clearing street vendors from downtown
Who’s the town for?
Pesha Magid | Three weeks ago, the government began to clear street vendors from Downtown Cairo, where they had filled
Off the streets?
Passant Rabie | As the streets of Downtown Cairo start to fill up with pedestrians headed home after work, hoards of
Egyptian state TV airs footage of Italian student Giulio Regeni
Neighborhood heads granted power of arrest
Street vendors cleared from around downtown government buildings
Police forces close downtown Cairo cafes
Prime minister says state is reclaiming Downtown
State moves to relocate street vendors
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