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The 57th Cairo Salon: Existentialism as hope
Ismail Fayed | The salon did veer away from the trend of recycling the works of Egyptian modernists, yet it also fell
The 3-month mark: What has the new culture minister achieved and provoked?
Rowan El Shimi | This week seems like an appropriate time to step back and look at Egypt’s state culture. It’s
The Youth Salon: Bold, ambitious, too big
Jenifer Evans, Sama Waly and Taha Belal | The yearly Youth Salon, showing in and around the Palace of Arts in Cairo’s Opera
My pragmatist friend surrenders
Shady Lewis | Close to Tahrir Square, at Takayeeba café, an independent artist friend of mine and a theater director
The 2nd Egyptian Scenography Exhibition and the shadow of the state
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed is left wondering if the regime is asserting the presence of the military even through niche
Weekly focus on state culture: Censoring creativity
Mai Elwakil | Filmmakers, performers and musicians in Egypt tread a fine line. A creative work must not advocate atheism,
Weekly spotlight on state culture: US to review request to ban antiquities imports
Mai Elwakil | A look at satellite images of Giza’s Al-Lisht and Al-Hibeh sites from 2010 to the present is shocking,
Weekly spotlight on state culture: Egypt’s film industry to return to Culture Ministry
Several decisions were made by the government on Wednesday aimed at resolving various problems the Egyptian
Weekly spotlight on state culture: The Culture Ministry speaks up
Mai Elwakil | Supporting local creative production and public access to the arts is a difficult task, Culture Minister
Sultan al-Qassemi
Egypt’s art museums: Out of sight, out of mind
Tucked away in the bustling commercial street of Mohamed Pasha Said in the Janaklees district of Alexandria
Reshuffle brings old faces to culture and antiquities ministries
Weekly focus on state culture: Board of censors to be reformed
Weekly spotlight on state culture: Egypt plans for Intntl Museums Day
Weekly spotlight on state culture: ‘Beautiful Egypt’ initiative launched
Weekly spotlight on state culture: Hopes high for Cairo’s film festival