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Detox | An eight-step guide to leaving Cairo
Omar Mustafa | It’s been years since I could see myself living in Cairo.
North Sinai residents under siege: Home demolitions and security sweeps on the rise in Arish, motorcycles banned in Bir al-Abd
Province of Sinai's recent presence there points to an expansion of the group’s areas of operation
Province of Sinai expands into South Sinai, govt renews state of emergency, promises to reward city with biggest turnout in referendum
Province of Sinai will expand its militant operations into the more heavily fortified South Sinai
Arish on high alert after militant infiltration, extraordinary security in South Sinai amid fear of spreading violence
A host of militant attacks in the past two weeks have led to tighter security measures in Sinai
Layers of history: The Sinai Palimpsests’ Project
Jenna Le Bras | 3 texts by Hippocrates and a 6th-century copy of the 1st Epistle of Paul to Timothy have been found
Sharm el-Sheikh: What’s in a destination?
Dina Salah ElDin | South Sinai governor Khaled Fouda gifted 1,000 suits and ties to Sharm el-Sheikh’s taxi and mini-bus
In discussion: On Oshtoora, bunnies and music festivals
Maha ElNabawi and Rowan El Shimi | One recent evening, Maha ElNabawi, Rowan El Shimi and Ziggy the dog met with the core team behind the
The battle for the cliff
Isabel Esterman | Viewed from the sea, Sharm el-Sheikh’s Um al-Sid cliffs look idyllic. From the cobalt blue of the Red
Cloud 9: Peace and love, and music too
Habiba Effat | It's difficult to complain about a combination of friends, beaches, live music and good vibes, especially
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Karim Malak
Who runs Sharm el-Sheikh?
South Sinai, much like Sinai at large, is a place where the native inhabitants continue to be eschewed
Wael Eskandar
The military war on alcohol
Just before the Ahmed Hamdy tunnel, which links Egypt’s main bulk of land to the Sinai Peninsula,
Ousted President Hosni Mubarak denies accepting to relocate Palestinians to Sinai
Update: Alleged perpetrator of IS attack on checkpoint near St. Catherine Monastery killed by security forces
New restrictive measures to enter Sinai
Camp owner hosting Cloud 9 music festival dies after electrocution
Environment Agency: Egypt unaffected by Israel oil spill so far
Emirati company to build coal-based power plant
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