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How authorities targeted rising online stars for violating ‘family values’
Mohamed Tarek | Hossam’s venture came in response to an effort by Likee to expand their live streaming base.
Learning the proper posture to become an internet imposter while reading Impostures
Matthew Chovanec | These days we’re all trying to hide on the internet.
A three-step guide to becoming a model Facebook citizen in Egypt
Samir al-Nimr | I don’t remember exactly when I decided to create a parallel identity for myself on Facebook.
A brief history of memes
Odra | Memes have become a new virtual medium of its own, just like television, radio, or books
Video | Big Brother: What’s on your mind?
Andeel | The 8th episode of the 3rd season of Andeel’s satirical series Big Brother
Tax time online?
Hana Afifi | How feasible are plans to tax social media ads and e-commerce transactions?
Who are ‘the forces of evil’ controlling Egypt’s media?
Rana Mamdouh | A spat with the BBC or the start of broader crackdown: Mada speaks to media regulators and lawyers
The rise and fall of Karmoz: How a local journalism platform tried to escape Egypt’s center
Mohamed Hamama | We trace the five-year journey of Alexandria-based news organization Karmoz
Media and technology: Beyond the Stockholm Syndrome
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah writes about two skeptical interventions made this year at international media conferences,
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Angie Omar
Who’s afraid of free media?
Attempts to restrict new media in its challenge to state-led discourse
Wafaa Heikal
Why did Twitter suspend a Reuters journalist’s account in Egypt?
Account blocking, false flagging tactics, internet trolls and hate speech
Paul Sedra
The Salaita case and Middle East studies
On September 11, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees will vote on whether or not to honor an
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Smear campaign, arrests in blowback over Fairmont rape case
Public Prosecution: 7 of 9 defendants in Fairmont rape case fled the country before complaint filed
Ongoing arrests of social media personalities on morality charges
Activist Shady al-Ghazaly Harb brought before Supreme State Security Prosecution
Prosecution renews detention of Ibrahim Khalil for 15 days on charges of atheism
Lawyer Mohamed Ramadan to remain in detention awaiting October retrial for inciting violence, due in court Tuesday over island protests
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Soft boy
Andeel | Dad: "All your friends are calling people names on Facebook, and you are sitting here watching documentaries? You're soft, boy!"
On your mind
We need to talk
Andeel | Man's text: "We need to talk..."Woman's text: "Ok."
Cartoon: Marketing skills
Andeel | "I know it's a bit small, but on Instagram with a toaster filter I swear it'll look perfect." ("Why are the shutters on the inside and the glass on the outside?")
Cartoon: Likes
Andeel | How many likes for my birth picture?
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