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The rise and fall of Karmoz: How a local journalism platform tried to escape Egypt’s center
Mohamed Hamama | We trace the five-year journey of Alexandria-based news organization Karmoz
Media and technology: Beyond the Stockholm Syndrome
Lina Attalah | Lina Attalah writes about two skeptical interventions made this year at international media conferences,
Sinai tells its own story
Heba Afify | Sinai residents are frustrated by how Egyptian media outlets ignore the turbulent peninsula or depend
Boycott drive proposes martyrs, prisoners as parliamentary candidates
A group of young activists is calling on Egyptians to boycott the parliamentary elections in honor of
TV presenter under fire for disrespecting Syrian refugees
Pesha Magid | An Egyptian broadcaster drew widespread criticism on social media after posting a video of herself calling
Unholy terrors: A box of tomatoes, a hip-hop group and the Supreme Council of the World
Dalia Rabie | Hurricanes, earthquakes and all-too-familiar sandstorms are not acts of nature — instead, they are
Technology, mind games and ‘fourth-generation warfare’
Dalia Rabie | “What are they used for, guys?” Sisi asks them. “To destroy countries,” they reply in unison.
Monitoring communication: Where will the state’s attempts to control ‘space’ lead?
Mohamed Hamama | On March 20, Google released a statement announcing it had detected a security breach originating from
Slickr: A social network for the fashion world
Amira Salah-Ahmed | This article is part of a series we are running ahead of the Mada Marketplace event to feature the participating
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Wafaa Heikal
Why did Twitter suspend a Reuters journalist’s account in Egypt?
Account blocking, false flagging tactics, internet trolls and hate speech
Paul Sedra
The Salaita case and Middle East studies
On September 11, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees will vote on whether or not to honor an
Omar Robert Hamilton
Ripples in the cyberpysche
While Israel’s manipulation of mainstream media bears the silken hallmarks of years of research, training
Prosecution renews detention of Ibrahim Khalil for 15 days on charges of atheism
Lawyer Mohamed Ramadan to remain in detention awaiting October retrial for inciting violence, due in court Tuesday over island protests
Police arrest 28 for critical social media posts in nationwide crackdown
Dostour Party member referred to trial, Bread and Freedom Party member arrested for insulting president
Dostour Party member arrested in Alexandria for insulting president online
Egypt’s women turn to social media to recount childhood sexual violence
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Soft boy
Andeel | Dad: "All your friends are calling people names on Facebook, and you are sitting here watching documentaries? You're soft, boy!"
On your mind
We need to talk
Andeel | Man's text: "We need to talk..."Woman's text: "Ok."
Cartoon: Marketing skills
Andeel | "I know it's a bit small, but on Instagram with a toaster filter I swear it'll look perfect." ("Why are the shutters on the inside and the glass on the outside?")
Cartoon: Likes
Andeel | How many likes for my birth picture?
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