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TOPIC Sisi presidency
Sisi’s ‘final’ term?
Rana Mamdouh | Impending constitutional amendments aim to extend presidential term limits
Thus spoke Sisi
Asmahan Soliman | Four years and beyond of the president’s discourse
Analysis: How Sisi has been sidelining his opponents
Asmahan Soliman | Sources reveal how Sisi has been handling opposition from the upper echelons of power
Expanding the powers and mandate of Egypt’s president
Rana Mamdouh | "There is a governing article in the Constitution that prevents changing the presidential term"
Sisi and the Hungarian prime minister: Peas in an authoritarian pod
Pesha Magid | Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Cairo on Tuesday for his first, three-day state visit
A year of Sisi’s highs and lows
Passant Rabie | We have seen the many faces of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi throughout the year, from absolute glee
An emotional rollercoaster with Sisi
Dalia Rabie | President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is no stranger to flattery. The lead up to his election was characterized
Q&A with military expert Robert Springborg on US aid to Egypt
Isabel Esterman | In a Tuesday phone call, US President Obama informed Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that the
Sameh Naguib
Tactics of a risk-taking regime
The current regime is taking short-term risks, but will they backfire?
Mohamed Naeem
Mother of the World, against the world and outside of it
I have long known that the contemporary Egypt in which I was raised could easily produce a figure like
Amy Austin Holmes
Sisi’s US Army War College thesis: 10 years later
Ten years ago, Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi was a foreign student at the US Army War College.
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464 MPs endorse Sisi for presidency
Timeline for 2018 presidential elections to be announced on Monday
Baseera poll: 14% decline in Sisi’s popularity due to price increases
TV host Ahmed Moussa backpedals after Sisi poll gone bad on Twitter
Baseera poll shows decline in Sisi voter base
Foreign Ministry slams Economist magazine for article criticizing Sisi’s policies
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Stop bothering Sisi
Andeel | Sisi: "What corruption kid? Go fight with some Christians or take it out on your wife or something... Off you go!"
Pretty awesome reports
Andeel | Assistant: "Reports are saying that your popularity keeps going up, sir..." Sisi: "No way!" Assistant: "Cross my heart my heart and hope to die."
Expensive meat
Andeel | Assistant: "So do you remember, sir, during — may God never bring back those days — January 25, when people said social justice? It seems like for some reason they are still, apparently, rather concerned with that topic, I guess ... sir."Sisi: "Hmmmm... So it's not the Brotherhood?"