TOPIC Sisi and youth
Sisi refutes contractor’s allegations that state funds were wasted on vanity projects at hastily organized youth conference
He accuses Sisi of wasting money on presidential palaces and the army of squandering billions
Whatever happened in the year of the youth?
Waad Ahmed | Sisi declared 2016 the year of the youth, but what actually happened for young people?
Farida Hussein
On the WYF and the sudden disappearance of the McArabia
I find it insulting to project this model of youth, at the expense of concealing others like myself
Dina Wahba
We need to talk, indeed!
Who gets to set the agenda for this conversation? Everything 'we' want to talk about is banned
World Youth Forum organizer: We are marketing Egypt
Democratic parties boycott Sisi’s National Youth Conference
Sisi says 90% of prisoners are detained for criminal offenses
Sisi: Don’t listen to anyone but me
Whadap yo!
Andeel | Sisi: "Whadap yo!"
Open up Mr. President
Andeel | Voice behind the door: "Open up Mr. President, I am tomorrow..." Sisi: "No! No!"
The winning caption
Andeel | Sisi: "I shall only approve... two more sequels." Thank you to everyone who tweeted and commented with possible captions!
Andeel | Sisi: "Hello Ahmed, listen, what does LOL mean?"
Cartoon: Where is Sisi drilling?
Andeel | "Dry drilling."