TOPIC Sisi and parliament
Senate elections: How we moved backward
It all began in a meeting room at an office attached to the presidency in the early fall 2019.
MP referred to ethics committee over reform initiative calling for Sisi’s early departure from office
Parliament was quick to take official action against Tantawi for the initiative.
A presidential directive to freeze Parliament
New parliamentary formation to be engineered by the National Security Agency
Parliament approves laws allowing Sisi to select judicial heads, stalemate continues over Council of Judicial Bodies
Rana Mamdouh | On June 6, Parliament approved two laws that regulate how the heads of Egypt’s top judicial bodies
Parliament advances constitutional amendments by overwhelming majority, opposition speaks out
485 out of 596 lawmakers in Egypt's Parliament voted in favor of amending the Constitution
Constitutional amendments submitted to Parliament could allow Sisi to stay in power until 2034
If passed, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would be able to run for two further six-year terms
Egypt’s new political order in the making
Ashraf Hakim and Asmahan Soliman | Constitutional amendments will extend Sisi’s term and grant him sweeping powers
Sisi’s ‘final’ term?
Rana Mamdouh | Impending constitutional amendments aim to extend presidential term limits
Alliance to Support Egypt source: We will change Constitution and Parliament law by October to establish new party
Rania al-Abd | The coalition aims to amend articles that stand in the way of its planned political party
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Khaled Mansour
The new parliament’s heavy legislative inheritance
Egypt will have a new parliament this month. This council, absent for over three years after the Constitutional
Aly El Raggal
The general wants to do away with politics
“Create a unified list,” is what General* Sisi asked of the political forces competing in the upcoming
464 MPs endorse Sisi for presidency
Minister: Parliament has not sent NGO law to presidency for approval
Sisi announces transfer of legislative powers in speech to Parliament
Hazem Abdel Azeem faces backlash following controversial testimonial on parliament
Head of electoral list: None of the candidates qualify for speaker
Sisi frees presidency, Cabinet from some public sector labor laws
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Cartoon: A moment of confusion
Andeel | Sisi: "I'm dreaming of a parliament that reflects what I think the will of Egyptians is, not what Egyptians think their will is."Person: "You mean, what Egyptians think their will is?"Sisi: "No, what I think."Person: "Oh, ok."