TOPIC Sinai bombings
Faced with displacement, unfilled promises, relentless clashes, Bir al-Abd villages live in the unknown
An official statement never materialized from the North Sinai Governorate nor the military spox.
Province of Sinai militants occupy North Sinai villages forcing mass displacement
Province of Sinai militants have occupied the villages of Qatiya, Iqtiya, Ganayen and Merih
Arish on high alert after militant infiltration, extraordinary security in South Sinai amid fear of spreading violence
A host of militant attacks in the past two weeks have led to tighter security measures in Sinai
What is the significance of large-scale terrorist operations returning to Sinai?
Omar Said | Armed militants ambushed Abu Zakdan in four-wheel drives, shot live ammunition at soldiers.
Why can’t the police stop the bombs?
Mostafa Mohie | A spate of highly destructive bombings in Cairo and Sinai over the past two weeks has raised questions
7 police personnel, 1 civilian killed in attack on Arish checkpoint
Military spokesperson: 8 troops killed in North Sinai
Armed Forces holds funeral for lieutenant-colonel killed in North Sinai bombing
Roadside bomb kills 6 military conscripts, injures 6 others in North Sinai
4 police officers killed, 12 injured in Arish bombing
Sisi addresses nation from Police Academy ahead of revolution anniversary
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