TOPIC Sherif El Azma
Fattuta and the assassination of Sadat: Conversations with Sherif El Azma on the history of video art in Egypt
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FestBeat: Talking about institutions and fluidity at Cairo Video Festival
Nour El Safoury | The openness and flexibility of the festival is appealing, just like other spaces free from ministry
Asleep at the wheel
Iman Hamam | The line was here. No. Here. No. We crossed. We crossed. They crossed. We switched sides. That’s what
Certain narratives persist: Here and Elsewhere
Ismail Fayed and Jenifer Evans | Here and Elsewhere was an exhibition of artists from the Arab world at New York City’s New Museum.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Rice City’
Andeel | Why do people make movies like Rice City, Andeel wonders.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Bahari’
Jenifer Evans | Bahari broaches the fact that art about poverty, or even just art-making in general, is often exploitative