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TOPIC Sheikh Zuwayed
Life partially restored in North Sinai towns, but villages continue to struggle
Mourad Higazy | 4 months into the military campaign, residents of North Sinai have begun to see slight improvements
The cost of the Sinai war
Heba Afify | On Tuesday, the military announced the results of the eighth day of Operation Martyr’s Rights in Sinai
5 preliminary observations on Sheikh Zuwayed attacks
Sherif Mohie Eddin | News of a series of coordinated attacks on some of the most important security checkpoints in North Sinai
Less than a warzone
Mohamad Salama Adam | Mohamed Soleiman is a resident of Masoura, a neighborhood in the Sinai border town Rafah. Last Saturday
Police announce death of 13 militants in Arish, Province of Sinai claims responsibility for killing 2 military officers
7 civilians killed in North Sinai militant attack as military campaign intensifies
Young woman shot dead in North Sinai’s Sheikh Zuwayed
Cabinet allocates lands to displaced North Sinai citizens
Electricity returns to Sinai’s Sheikh Zuwayed and Rafah
Province of Sinai militants release footage of religious policing in North Sinai
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