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After the Rabea verdict: How the state’s claim for millions in damages has kept Shawkan, 214 others in prison
Omar Said | Those convicted in the Rabea dispersal case remain in prison in lieu of paying millions in damages
At long last, a verdict for Rabea
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira | As the historic trial draws to a close, we map the details of the case, which spanned almost 5 years
Shawkan’s place: Between memory and hope
Leena ElDeeb | Shawkan's family, surrounded by photographs of him, are still clinging to hope
The Rabea sit-in dispersal: Who the state is blaming three years on
Mai Shams El-Din | Three years following security forces' violent dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in, over 700 defendants,
Shawkan goes on hunger strike to protest illegal detention
Ester Meerman | Photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid — popularly known as Shawkan — is going on a hunger strike to protest
Families of detained journalists commence sit-in at syndicate
Mostafa Mohie | The families of detained journalist Mohamed Saber al-Battawy and photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid,
A freelance photojournalist forgotten behind prison walls
Mai Shams El-Din | In a scene reminiscent of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, a group of photojournalists sat on the platform of
‘Surprise’: Shawkan from prison, after winning UNESCO 2018 press freedom prize
Shawkan shares his thoughts on a recent prize and his unjust detention
Shawkan: How can Egypt lead UNESCO? 
From prison, Shawkan criticizes the nomination of Moushira Khattab for director of UNESCO
Shawkan: ‘As if’ the state were concerned with the right to communication
Photojournalist Shawkan, in detention for 4 years, on the right to communication
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Court finds police order to force activist to spend 12 hours a day in police station ‘abusive’ and ‘without justification’
In 1st ruling of its kind, court invalidates order for activist to spend 12 hours in police station as part of probation sentence
China, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are world’s worst jailers of journalists in 2019, according to CPJ
Detained photojournalist Shawkan to receive UNESCO’s 2018 press freedom prize
MFA slams Shawkan’s potential nomination for UNESCO press freedom award
RSF launches campaign for Shawkan amid spate of journalist arrests
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Mohamed Turky | Photo journalist "Shawkan" exceeds legal limit for pre-trial detention...730 days.