TOPIC Sharia
A history of the state told through the senses: A conversation with Khaled Fahmy
Youssef El Chazli | In All the Pasha’s Men, Fahmy took up the narrative of Mohammed Ali’s construction of modern Egypt
Popular campaign aims to dissolve religious parties
Mai Shams El-Din | A new popular campaign “No to Religious Parties” is collecting signatures to pressure Egyptian authorities
Amr Ezzat
On the precarious ‘non-existence’ of Egyptian atheists
Amr Ezzat writes about the contradiction inherent in the state’s response to atheists
Court forces striking workers into early retirement for ‘opposing Islamic Sharia’
MB supports calls for November 28 protests
Despite doubts, Nour Party comes out in support of constitution
Bishop Aziz says constitution draft changed after vote
Draft constitution calls Egypt ‘civil state’
In Wednesday meeting, constitutional committee can’t find middle ground
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