TOPIC sexual violence
How do institutions respond to sexual violence?
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “I can make it impossible for you to work anywhere, I can make it so you won’t be able to sleep.”
Security forces crack down on refugees protesting violence, harassment
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Within 15 minutes, security forces began to use batons and water cannons to disperse the protest.
Friend of witness in Fairmont case swept up in backlash arrests, ordered detained
The prosecutor’s statement did not specify the charges that the detainees are being investigated for
Media orgs vow to investigate as Hisham Allam threatens rape accusers with legal action
On Sunday, the fifth in a series of testimonies against the journalist appeared on a blog
I’m sorry I harassed you
Nada Gamal | Without remorse, apologies do not work. 
The unspoken crime of marital rape
Heba Anis | There is no statute criminalizing marital rape, nor is it a legally valid reason for divorce
Complaint filed with National Council for Women over 2014 gang rape at Fairmont hotel
Allegations of the 2014 Fairmont hotel rape first appeared publicly in late July on Instagram.
DETOX | Better late than never
Women are rightfully angry, and they’re demanding to be heard.
Where do survivors of sexual violence turn? The case of Ahmed Bassam Zaki
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The legal system’s past handling of sexual violence cases does not inspire confidence in victims.
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Lama Abu Odeh
Liberal versus radical feminism: the fundamental contradiction
The sooner those feminists understand this underlying tension and try to manage it, the better
Dina Makram Ebeid
Battling sexual violence within institutions: Things we have learned
Civil society organizations cannot just “handle” sexual violence with the logic of crisis management
Hind Ahmed Zaki
How Egyptian women have broken the stigma around sexual violence
This is a pivotal moment of pain, of positive confusion, that Egyptian society desperately needs
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Belady Center manager dismissed after independent investigation of sexual harassment claims
Ahmed Bassam Zaki receives harshest possible sentence in online harassment trial
Verdict in online harassment trial of Ahmed Bassam Zaki set for Dec 29
Smear campaign, arrests in blowback over Fairmont rape case
Public Prosecution: 7 of 9 defendants in Fairmont rape case fled the country before complaint filed
Imprisoned trans woman Malak al-Kashif sexually assaulted, subjected to forced anal examination in state hospital
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Sweet words
Andeel | Man (in very small letters): "Sorry..."
Cartoon: To whom it may concern
Andeel | You look like shit when you're harassing.
Cartoon: Good omen (Boshret Kheir)
Andeel | "This is a gathering of men." [Song lyrics from Boshret Kheir]