TOPIC sexual harassment
I’m sorry I harassed you
Nada Gamal | Without remorse, apologies do not work. 
The cost of coming forward: How women who experience sexual violence are violated twice over
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Testimonials of women have been hurt by incidents of sexual violence, and again after reporting them
Looking past forced smiles
Heba Afify | A recent case of sexual violence in Egypt's civil society raises questions of consent and justice
Uber troubles: Between profit and promised security in Egypt
Nadeen Shaker | Uber claims to foster a culture aimed at providing safety to riders but recent breaches shake this narrative
Cairo University’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit dabble in arts and sports
Fatma Khaled | Cairo University’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit plans to conduct a seminar and marathon to mark Egyptian
Victory in defeat: How the revolution changed perceptions of violence against women
Heba Afify | Progress in how public sexual violence is dealt with may be one of few gains of Jan 25
Between two fires: If you don’t want your harasser to be tortured
Naira Antoun | When one woman was sexually harassed this month in Cairo, she made an unusual move.
Untold stories of sexual harassment in Egypt’s newsrooms
Mai Shams El-Din | Such stories are typical among Egyptian female journalists, but are often spoken about within closed
Five takes on female cops fighting harassment on Cairo’s streets
Dalia Rabie | "If the process is not developed properly, we risk reproducing the very patriarchy we are trying to fight."
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Dina Makram Ebeid
Grappling with forms of justice: Combating sexual violence in civil society
Is it possible to seek justice for survivors of sexual violence in civil society?
Nadine El-Nabli
Blog: #MeToo and the question of speaking
This is the 2nd piece in a series of commissioned reflections on MeToo as a campaign
Rothna Begum
How Egypt can turn the tide on sexual assault
In recent days, and repeatedly over the past few years, mobs of men violently attacked women and girls
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Public Prosecution: 7 of 9 defendants in Fairmont rape case fled the country before complaint filed
German Press Agency: Deutsche Welle fired employee after ‘credible’ sexual harassment allegations
2-year prison sentence for man accused of sexual harassment over Eid
Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Khaled Ali resigns from party and ECESR
Lawyer sentenced to 3 years in prison for inciting rape, after remarks about women wearing ripped jeans
Lawyer referred to trial following claim that raping women in ripped jeans is a ‘national duty’
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Girls be like
Andeel | Woman: "Shit... a man!"
Cartoon: To whom it may concern
Andeel | You look like shit when you're harassing.