TOPIC security crackdown
Your guide to surviving downtown during the revolution anniversary crackdown
"If you can imagine doing so, it is safest to move without your phone."
A three-step guide to becoming a model Facebook citizen in Egypt
Samir al-Nimr | I don’t remember exactly when I decided to create a parallel identity for myself on Facebook.
Forty days of revolution in Iraq
Ahmed Youssef | Something is different about the October protests
Despite release of at least 96 detainees, calls for more ‘open’ political process, tense security situation highlighted by arrest of lawyers persists
Despite the decision to release at least 96 detainees, the security crackdown has persisted.
35 ordered detained in post-Ramses arrest campaign
Mostafa Mohie | Egyptian authorities have moved to hold dozens of people in remand detention in the last few days
Political figures arrested over Eid holiday interrogated about political views, affiliations
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The 7 political figures were questioned about their political views, activities and affiliations
Between prisons
Lina Attalah | This conversation is part of issue 1 of Status Hour, an emerging collaborative monthly audio journal
Searching for public space
Heba Afify | My favorite hangout for a brief couple of weeks was a street, a simple street in a Cairo neighborhood.
Scaring them straight in the name of morality
Pesha Magid | Since what has become known as the ‘gay marriage’ video was released on August 29,
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Yasmin El-Rifae
Language after brutality
Is it enough to tell the stories of those who are more definitively silenced?
Dina Iskandar
Not the time for human rights?
In recent times, during gatherings of family or friends, politics dominates the talk, as has become customary
Moataz El Fegiery
Escalating reprisals against human rights defenders
Prominent young activists are in jail, stigmatization of human rights defenders has increased and further
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Heavy police presence, random searches around Tahrir ahead of Sept. 20 protest anniversary
European Parliament adopts resolution condemning human rights violations in Egypt
Update: State Security Prosecution orders detention of former ambassador, 6 others for 15 days
Wave of detention renewals in Case 441/2018 amid growing security crackdown
Police arrest 28 for critical social media posts in nationwide crackdown
New regulation mandates NGOs consult ministry security department regarding activities
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