TOPIC sectarianism
Waiting until you can’t
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Sectarian violence sparked in Minya after the unofficial opening of an unlicensed church building
A state-approved play distills Islam’s history to its most regrettable parts
Rose Elbay | How does a government-approved play called Mohamed feel about the slaughter of “infidels”?
Parliament to review draft law on building new churches
Mai Shams El-Din | When a Coptic Orthodox community in an Ismailia village built a church in 2009 to avoid walking 6 km
Coptic media: Expressing grievances, or sectarianism?
Mai Shams El-Din | Mona Mina, the renowned leader of the Doctors Syndicate, is back in the headlines as thousands of Egyptian
Remembering the Two Saints bombing – and the lack of justice
Lina Attalah | Five years after a deadly bombing that took the lives of 23 people, the Two Saints Church in Alexandria
The voice of Christians
Lina Attalah | In the Daher neighborhood, east of Cairo, signs and billboards in support of presidential candidate Abdel
A civil Coptic movement struggles in a polarized Egypt
Leyla Doss | On the evening of March 5, 2011, then 19-year-old Tony Sabry was sheltered beneath a blanket as he participated
‘La Moakhza’: Ambitious and brave, but falls short
Jenifer Evans | “La Moakhza” (Excuse My French) is about a Christian boy from a wealthy family who has to switch
The people, the church and the state
Naira Antoun and Lina Attalah | BENI SUEF — Childish handwriting. Ripped out sinks in the bathroom. The smell of burning. “There
Ishaq Ibrahim
How can Egypt prevent another pre-Christmas bombing?
It’s delusional to believe announcing the names of the perpetrators will prevent another attack
Amr Abdel Rahman
The elephant in the room (part 2): The state and sectarian violence
On the nature and history of legislation and legal practices associated with tackling sectarian conflict
Amr Abdel Rahman
The elephant in the room (part 1): The state and sectarian violence
Sectarian attitudes do not purely emanate from society, but are also prevalent within structures of governance.
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Police prevent Sunday Mass in Minya Church citing ‘security concerns’
After 3 years in prison, Coptic teacher acquitted of insulting Islam
3 Coptic teens handed maximum 5-year prison sentence for insulting Islam
Four Coptic teenagers tried for insulting religion
Hussein Mosque shrine closed to bar Shias from observing Ashura holiday
Rogue monks vanquished in battle over Fayoum monastery
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