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TOPIC sectarian violence
Disputed status of Beni Suef church sparks sectarian violence
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The disputed legal status of a church in Beni Suef sparked sectarian violence and 20 arrests
The bishop who makes his voice heard: Anba Makarios
Karoline Kamel | Outspoken Minya Bishop Anba Makarios is a man who makes his voice heard but avoids being seen
Sectarian borders
Heba Afify | In some villages in Minya, Christians and Muslims are confined to separate districts
Accounts of the Mar Mina church attack
Karoline Kamel | How a gunman killed nine people and was chased down by a resident from the neighborhood
Behind the attack on Prince Tadros Church: The sound of a bell or the absence of law?
Karoline Kamel | What was behind the attack on a house that had been used as a place of worship by Copts in Giza?
Murdered priest exposes hidden aspects of sectarianism in popular Cairo neighborhood
Karoline Kamel | Father Samaan Shehata tried to propel himself forward with all the strength he could summon, after a
Coptic martyrdom in the age of the security state
Mariam Ibrahim | Is a religious narrative that frames the killing of Copts as God's will at odds with mounting resistance
Sectarian violence renewed in Minya as Christians brace for Easter celebrations
Mai Shams El-Din | Coptic Christians attacked during Maundy Thursday prayers in Koum al-Loufy, eyewitnesses report
Christians and churches in Egypt: Aggression from all sides
Mostafa Mohie | We track the 4 sources of sectarian aggression against churches and Christians over the past 5 decades
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Ishaq Ibrahim
How can Egypt prevent another pre-Christmas bombing?
It’s delusional to believe announcing the names of the perpetrators will prevent another attack
Amr Abdel Rahman
The elephant in the room (part 2): The state and sectarian violence
On the nature and history of legislation and legal practices associated with tackling sectarian conflict
Amr Abdel Rahman
The elephant in the room (part 1): The state and sectarian violence
Sectarian attitudes do not purely emanate from society, but are also prevalent within structures of governance.
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Detention orders issued following Friday attack on Minya Copts
Update: Attack on Helwan church and store kills 10
Number of Copts killed by militants in North Sinai this year rises to 7
2 Egyptian Christians murdered in spate of sectarian attacks in North Sinai
Suspects implicated in assault on Coptic Minya woman referred to trial
Prosecution suspends investigations into assault of Coptic woman in Minya
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