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We walk a route from which there is no return
Sara Fakhry Ismail | The power of muscle memory: Walking as a ritual of resistance
On hunger strikes: A brief background
A growing number of Egyptian prisoners have joined a widespread wave of hunger strikes, including well-known
Blog: The “court”
Lina Attalah | At 9 am, activists, lawyers and families start coming to the Heliopolis courthouse for the first
Sanaa Seif and a generation that protects the revolution
Lina Attalah | “Each one of us, after this experience of the revolution, has something to say,” said Sanaa
Alia Mossallam
The prison in us
About a month ago I went to visit a friend in prison. It doesn’t matter who he or she was, since there
Sara Khorshid
Yet another fighter
  We saw a revolution erupt, then we saw it die. We saw people whom we once thought were good show
Timothy E. Kaldas
The Protest Law: Fear, not order
The protest law passed by Hazem al-Beblawi’s government last year has proven to be as draconian and
Over 200 prominent actors, filmmakers and writers call on Egyptian authorities to release Sanaa Seif
Sanaa Seif arrested upon arrival at prosecutor’s office to file complaint for physical assault
Activist Sanaa Seif being held at Qanatar Prison
Update: Prosecutor tells activist Sanaa Seif to return in 10 days
Activist Sanaa Seif released, accused of insulting official during investigation
Activist Sanaa Seif summoned for questioning in case related to April 25 protests
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